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Lindy has been practising Kinesiology for five years. She recently opened a delightful new clinic in Kiama Downs and she invites you to t...

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Welcome to Illumination & Healing

I have been practising Kinesiology for nine years. I have a delightful new clinic in Kiama Downs and I invite you to take advantage of the benefits of Kinesiology in this beautiful location – a purpose-built Clinic in which you will be nurtured by a caring and professional practitioner.

I have skills in both Neuro-Training Kinesiology and Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology, both powerful modalities which, in the hands of a skilled practitioner, will lead you, my valued client, to a path of greater health, peace and well-being.

The power of Kinesiology is that it uses muscle testing to by-pass the conscious mind and tap into the reasons behind our problems, behaviour patterns which we would like to change, or unresolved health issues. Our subconscious mind is powerful and all-knowing and is fully aware of these issues and reasons and, if we let it, will give us the answers to help us to solve our problems.


Nothing in life’s experience is ever by chance. . For most of my life I have been asked to present to large groups of people. Even with years of public speaking behind me my fear had always overwhelmed me. Often for weeks before the event I would not sleep. To compensate I would have to plan in great detail so nothing would go wrong and I could feel partially safe. It wasn’t until I worked with Lindy Clifton did I discover the root cause and finally gave myself permission to move on from that experience

I now experience myself relaxed and connected when working with large groups of people. I plan my workshops and presentations often only days before the event whereas in the past I would worry myself sick for weeks before. As the managing director of a small company my time is precious and to be set free from these unwarranted feelings has given me a new lease on life. To be honest, I didn’t think it was possible to really enjoy public speaking as I do now. .....With all my heart and gratitude I thank you for helping me make my dreams come true.
Jeffrey Wilson
Managing Director
Quantum Evolution and Quantum Wellness


I went to Lindy Clifton for help in recovering from a severe attack of vertigo, something which I had had only very mildly before. After one session I found that I was able to return to a normal lifestyle, something which truly amazed me.

Before my session with Lindy I was having trouble even getting out of bed as the room would literally seem to be swimming around me. I was having great difficulty in showering as I was unable to look down or stand without support.

It is now six months since I saw her and the benefits have held and I have had no recurrence of the problem.

Phillipa Van Straten
Former Administration Officer

I was having trouble feeling comfortable in asking others for support, especially in the organization of a large function which I was finding overwhelming. Even thinking about asking for support made by feel anxious. I also felt that I was coming from a place of weakness and helplessness. Then when I received support I would feel so guilty for the support because I was not able to give it to myself.

Since our session that has completely changed. If through habit I go into “victim” mode, it feels so out of alignment that I quickly am able to re-phrase my question or statement, to one coming from strength.

I also experience a total freedom from guilt when I allow myself to be paid for my work. I have no difficulty now in promoting what I do or offer, or charging for my services. This has been incredibly liberating, and I find I have become even more creative in thinking up ways to generate an income.

A wonderful side benefit has been the greatly reduced number and strength of hot flushes which I had been finding quite debilitating. This was another reminder of how linked our bodies are to our minds.
Life Coach and Personal Development Facilitator


I suffer from chronic pain in my legs and back due to injuries. I have found that my pain level during treatment drops dramatically and by the time I leave I am in virtually no pain.

Mandy Harris
(Former Legal Secretary)
Illumination & Healing - Kinesiology

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Illumination & Healing - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to assist the client to discuss the problem which he/she is experiencing.