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Lindy Clifton
0428 377 451
0428 377 451
8 Years Experience Online Nationally and Internationally

I use Neuro-Linguistic Programming to assist the client to discuss the problem which he/she is experiencing.

Do you feel such emotions as `whats the point of . . .? The Meta-Model Questioning Techniques are insightful and greatly help to determine the highest priority issue upon which to work. (Often what we think is our problem is actually masking a deeper issue underneath. The power of this questioning technique is that it reveals the core issue without any undue strain upon the client.)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is wonderfully beneficial to assist clients to overcome emotional blockages, deep and long-standing emotional issues, and traumatic events.

Are you suffering from some type of trauma; loss; grief; traumatic change in your life?

Do you find yourself repeating the same sequence of events time and time again seemingly to your own detriment?

      Come for a session and release the past.


      Learn how to move forward in your life.


    Turn negativity into positivity.

Are you lacking in motivation? Do you find it hard to make decisions?

      Come for a session and become re-motivated.


    Come for a session and recognise your own unique and wonderful potential.

Do you fear change?

    Come for a session and learn how to embrace change.

Some of the techniques used include:

      Repatterning reactions using eye positions.


      Time Line Therapy


      Re-imprinting new behaviours


    Defusing past reactions

How do I work?
We discuss your problems what you want to deal with and/or change in your life. I use the Metal-Model Questioning Technique to assist this discussion.

You can remain seated. Most clients prefer to lie on the massage table to enable a deeper level of relaxation to be reached. (Deeper relaxation invariably leads to a more profound change.)

I invariably combine the two modalities by using muscle monitoring techniques to assist me to tune into the clients subconscious mind and to select the technique which will lead to the best outcome for the client.

The client experiences deep inner changes which lead to feelings of peace, joy and positivity.

Number of Sessions
3-5 sessions are recommended to enable the greatest changes to be made.

Sessions are generally 1.5 hours, with the initial session sometimes a little longer.


  • Adults:
  • Initial visit: $125
  • Subsequent visits: $100.00
  • Students and children:
  • Initial visit: $90
  • Subsequent visits: $80
  • Skype sessions: $125
  • Registered with some health funds eg Medibank Private, BUPA.
    Print off this page and bring it to your first appointment to receive a $20 discount for your initial consultation.


  • Diploma of Kinesiology - College of Neuro-Training 2014
  • Certificate IV in Kinesiology - College of Neuro-Training 2010
  • Neuro-Linguistic Kinesiology Proficiency Certificate NLK Practitioner, 2007
  • Registered Specialised Kinesiology Practitioner 2010, Australian Kinesiology Association
  • Numerous other courses College of Neuro-Training

9 years

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